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LGBTQ Resources

  • Jim Toy Library - Named after the co-founder of the Spectrum Center, the Jim Toy Library offers nearly 2,000 materials, including books, magazines, and DVDs. Patrons are welcome to check out books for three weeks at a time or DVDs for one week at a time. The collection is housed in the Spectrum Center and is open during office hours: Monday-Friday, 9-5. The entire collection may now be found on Mirlyn:



  • LGBTQ and Sexuality Studies Minor - The academic minor in Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Queer, Transgender and Sexuality Studies offers an interdisciplinary approach to sexuality in relation to such things as religious beliefs, legal codes, medical constructions, and social movements, and recognizes these as historically variable and culturally specific. The minor acquaints students with the history of sexuality and with the contributions of empirical research, feminist scholarship, and queer theory to understanding the formation of sexual identities.


  • University of Michigan Gay and Lesbian Alumni Society - UMGALAS was created to promote a positive environment for lesbian, bisexual, and gay [les-bi-gay] alumni, students, faculty, staff, and friends of The University of Michigan. Working with the Alumni Association and its affiliates, we strive to increase visibility of les-bi-gay alumni, and decrease homophobia, violence and discrimination on campus. We are a resource for information, ideas, and positive role models which will improve the status of les-bi-gay alumni, students, faculty, and staff. 


  • UMHS Pride Network - The UMHS Pride Network is an employee resource and patient advocacy group for TBLGA (Transgender, Bisexual, Lesbian, Gay, and Allies) UMHS faculty and staff working to ensure an inclusive, respectful environment for TBLG staff and to promote cultural competency related to the care of this patient population.




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