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I began working at S3 Safe Sex Store in January 2012 after years of admiring the store’s focus on education and sexual health. I quickly became the resident BDSM expert and consultant due to my years of experience in the local kink community. With the onset of the 50 Shades of Grey craze, many of our guests became interested in exploring kink and bondage, but were unsure of where to start or how to play safely. After discussing the issue with the owner of S3, Beth Karmeisool, MPH, the idea for Knotty Time: A BDSM Safety Guide was born!

As discussed at the Alumni Connect event, I wrote Knotty Time to be a beginner’s guide to exploring bondage and other BDSM activities. It not only offers handy safety tips but also explores reasons behind the appeal of kink and includes extensive FAQ section. The book features beautiful photography from local area models, photographers, and bondage experts. Finally, Knotty Time finishes with an extensive “Interests Inventory Checklist” that allows readers to interact with the book and begin thinking about their own desires and fantasies.

At the Alumni Connect event, we discussed the crucial role of consent in BDSM and the ways in which Knotty Time is a tool for primary prevention of sexual violence. At the School of Social Work, I completed my internship at the Sexual Assault Prevention and Awareness Center, where I counseled many survivors of sexual assault, sexual harassment, stalking, and intimate partner violence. Instead of seeing the book as antithetical to my work at SAPAC, I view it as the flip side of the same coin. In writing Knotty Time, I emphasize the importance of communication and informed enthusiastic consent in all relationships, including kinky ones.

Ultimately, I hope that readers are able to use this book as a way to identify and communicate their desires in a healthy, safe, and fulfilling way. It has been an amazing experience to explore the areas of sexual health and kink education through this book and with the support of S3 Safe Sex Store.