Spectrum Center

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What is CenterSpace?

CenterSpace provides a monthly drop-in space for different communities within queer life at the University of Michigan. CenterSpace creates space for people of similar identities to gain support from one another while building a community of collective resources. There will be a CenterSpace host each evening who identifies within the community being centered. The host will greet participants, guide the conversation, answer any questions, and gather/share resources.

Our current CenterSpaces include:


  • Weekly Thursdays 
  • Ongoing 


  • 2nd Thursday
  • Ongoing


  • 1st and 3rd Monday 
  • First meeting 2/17/2020


  • 3rd Wednesday
  • First meeting 2/19/20


  • Planning in Progress

For more information on time and location, contact Alyssa Garcia adellors@umich.edu

For more information specifically on the Post-Doc CenterSpace, contact Cynthia Gerlein Safdi at cgerlein@umich.edu

Interested in becoming a host?

CenterSpace Host Responsibilities:

  • hold regular meeting, ranging from weekly to monthly based on interest and availability
  • host discussions, help problem solve, and build community with attendees
  • work with Program Specialist for snack ordering/space 
  • touch base with Program Specialist on a semi-regular basis determined by frequency of meetings

If this seems like something you’d be interested in, contact Alyssa Garcia at adellors@umich.edu!