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Here you can find a list of the current classifieds postings available by category. 

  • Housing opportunities: 3 listings
  • Employment opportunities: 1 listing
  • Donation opportunities: 1 listing

LGBT Friendly Housing Listing 

We know that housing is going to be short for the coming year. Below is a list of housing options available to students that have indicated they are LGBT friendly. 

  • The Inter-Cooperative Council is currently looking for students interested in housing for the coming year. The ICC is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing affordable co-op housing to all students in the Ann Arbor and Washtenaw County area. As member-owners of the ICC, we strive to provide a home for students that embodies quality living, a sense of community and social equality. The ICC does not discriminate on a basis of race, gender, ability, sexual preference, nationality, or any other category. We broaden our perspective and remove old prejudices by living together, and help change society by setting and example of respect and acceptance. In the ICC, members participate in the decision-making processes for their house and all have an equal voice in how their living community is run. Our website is at www.icc.coop, please feel free to take a look.
  • Landmark is located on the corner of South Forest and South University and is the new luxury student housing opportunity on campus. We pride ourselves on creating a living environment that is unique in both the amenities our building provides, but also through the close community and interaction that we facilitate for our residents. We will have opportunities in the building for your organization to host interactive events to spread awareness. We plan to host many events throughout the beginning of the year so that our residents can meet each other and begin building close relationships immediately upon move-in. Landmark is a fully furnished building including an in-unit washer/dryer, granite countertops, stainless steel appliances, and mounted HDTV’s in every bedroom and living room.  Large sliding windows throughout the apartments provides a refreshing breeze and abundance of sunlight.  Residents will have free access to multiple study and group meeting rooms, a full scale gym, yoga & aerobics room, and a spa including tanning, sauna, and steam room - as well as many other amenities! For a virtual tour, floor plans, and pricing, check out our website: www.LiveAtLandmark.com.  To arrange a tour (or have a cab sent for you J) please call or email us at (734)327-1300 or leasing@liveatlandmark.com.


LGBT Friendly Employment Listing


  • Liberty Pedeatrics has a front-desk/receptionist job opening, and they love to hire "smart people with good politics." The job pays $14/hour, and offers health and dental benefits.  It is about 25-30 hours per week. For more information, send an email to bsbarclay@gmail.com.


LGBT Donation Lisitng

  • Stefin G. is transgender and is in the process of "transitioning." Since most medical insurance does not yet cover gender reassignment surgeries, Stefin is looking for donations to help afford this procedure. Stefin has put together a campaign to raise enough funds through donations and original "perks", such as gender-neutral and gender-all-inclusive pet and health items, to exchange for monetary support. You can find the page for more information and to donate here and Stefin's facebook page here


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Classefieds Disclaimer

The property owner/manager agrees to comply with city, state, and federal non-discrimination laws and agrees not to discriminate against any person because of race, color, religion, national origin, sex, gender identity, disability, familial status (children), age and marital status, sexual orientation, student status, or source of income.

The Spectrum Center at the University of Michigan offers this housing information list as a service to students, faculty, and staff to facilitate their search for housing and roommates. In providing this service, the Spectrum Center does not endorse any landlord or individual who lists with our office. Instead, we provide a venue for such listings and a location for community members to seek out housing in the Ann Arbor Area. Neither the University of Michigan nor the Office of LGBT Affairs guarantees in any manner the service or quality offered by listed landlords, management companies, or individuals.

The Spectrum Center reserves the right to deny, suspend, or terminate the postings of any landlord or individual who violated the Spectrum Center Housing List policies or any landlord or individual whom we feel is acting contrary to the mission of the Spectrum Center or detrimental to members of the community. Action taken by the Office will be determined by the quantity, type, and severity of the concerns about the individual or landlord. Individual decisions requiring the judgment of Office personnel will be made in each case. Actions that may lead to refusal of registration status include, but are not necessarily limited to:

- failure to follow local, state, and/or federal laws regarding rental and business practices (such as Ann Arbor Housing Code, "Truth in Renting Act," Privacy Ordinance, non-discrimination policies, security deposit laws, etc. )

- any other acts, negligence, or practices, whether singular in pattern that we believe to be unfair or unsafe to student tenants (e.g. Failure to perform reasonable maintenance; misrepresentation [by omission or commission] of units; failure to respond to tenant's calls, etc.

Any individual denied registration may appeal that decision by submitting a written statement of appeal to Jackie Simpson, Director, Spectrum Center. 
Ms. Simpson will promptly review the appeal and a written response will be provided within 30 days.

Jackie Simpson 
Spectrum Center 
3200 Michigan Union 
530 S. State Street 
Ann Arbor, MI 48109-1349 

The Spectrum Center wishes to maintain a cooperative registration program that works to the mutual benefit of landlords and members of the University community. We are not eager to sanction or deny participants.