Spectrum Center

Flyer of Spectrum Center Drop-In Discussion Series Offered During Winter 2016

The Spectrum Center will be hosting a series of discussions this semester touching on a variety of topics pertinent to LGBTQIA+ individuals beginning January 28. These discussions will be facilitated, confidential, and inclusive of our diverse experiences.

Each month the discussion will focus on a specific topic. Campus and Community Engagement Coordinator Linsa Varghese stated that:

Topics are chosen a variety of ways. Often, especially with regard to discussions about experiences at the intersection of gender and sexuality and other social identities, it's because students have expressed a need for spaces like those on campus.

The first topic of discussion will revolve around race and ethnicity entitled Being Queer or Trans and a Person of Color. The second talk to be held February 18 will be a dialogue on the intersection of socioeconomic status and queerness. The third discussion offered March 17 will concern self and communal care. April 7 marks the last unit of the series which will explore the meaning of the word “queer,” and how we might begin to name it, or reclaim the label for ourselves.

Join us at one, or all four, discussions this semester, and engage with the lively queer and trans community on our campus. All discussions will be hosted at the Ginsberg Center located at 1024 Hill Street from 6.30pm-8pm on their respective dates.