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Growing Allies retreat poster

We are proud to announce the return of the Growing Allies Retreat for Fall 2013!

Attendance to the retreat is FREE and the retreat will be held November 8th-10th at the Trotter Multicultural Center.  It is not an overnight retreat. 
Participant applications are available here and are due Friday, Oct. 18th.  
Facilitator applications are available here and are due Friday, Oct. 11th.
Growing Allies strives to build a community of social justice allies to create a safe and inclusive environment at the University of Michigan and beyond. We envision a community where allies work together and support each other.  Our retreat is one of the key places where this process begins!

Retreat attendees will participate through experiential exercises, team building, and dialogue around issues of social identity, oppression and liberation. Growing Allies views allyhood as a process and recognizes great value in networking people who are engaged in that process.  This retreat focuses on both engaging those who are already involved in social justice and ally development, as well as those who are new to thinking about their role in social justice.  All are welcome.