Spectrum Center

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The Jim Toy Library (JTL) supports LGBTQA student development by exposing students to, and engaging them in, the rich cultural, social, historical, psychological, political, and relational aspects of LGBTQ people, identities, experiences, and communities.

The JTL currently hosts a collection of over 1500 titles, including books, videos, and magazines. Many books have been donated by community members over the last 40 years, and the Spectrum Center also purchases the most interesting and relevant new-releases of LGBT fiction and non-fiction. Books are organized by genres such as “Coming out,” “LGBTQ History,” and “Transgender”.

Accessing the library

Books can be checked out for three weeks at a time, and CDs and DVDs for one week at a time. All of our books can be found by searching U-M Library Search (to limit your search to items in the Jim Toy Library, do an advanced search and choose "Michigan Union" under location, and "Jim Toy Library" under collection)

Students and community members can check out items any time the office is open, M-F from 9-5.

Other LGBT library resources on campus:

*Please note that while the Michigan Union is under renovation the Jim Toy Library will be housed in storage during that time period. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to us at spectrumcenter@umich.edu.*