Spectrum Center

image of chairs in a room

The LGBTQ Peer-led Support Group (PLSG) is a weekly, drop-in and confidential group for survivors who identify as LGBTQ to express concerns and find support among peers in a comfortable setting facilitated by student staff. The group offers semi-structured activities, self-care practices and safe space for sharing if individuals choose to do so and is open to all survivors of sexual assault, intimate partner violence, sexual harassment, and stalking. The LGBTQ Peer Led Support Group is supported in collaboration with the Sexual Assault Prevention and Awareness Center (SAPAC) and the Spectrum Center. 

This space specifically centers survivors who identify as LGBTQ and are currently University of Michigan students; if you do not identity as LGBTQ, we encourage you to consider joining the SAPAC Peer Led Support Group. Learn more here: https://sapac.umich.edu/peer-led-support-group

For more information, email Amy Burandt, Program Manager for Survivor Care, at aburandt@umich.edu or Roman Christiaens, Assistant Director for Learning and Development, at romanchr@umich.edu.