Spectrum Center

Requesting a Panel

The primary goal of the My Voice Program is to provide panels of trained LGBTQ speakers to share their personal stories with audiences. Our My Voice panels, the oldest and most popular of our educational programs, provide information about LGBTQ issues with a personal touch. These panelists help “put a face” on LGBTQ communities and experiences and facilitate vibrant discussions about topics of attractionality, sexuality and gender.

We believe that storytelling is one of the most powerful tools for educating audiences on identity, oppression, and allyhood because it offers in-depth, complex, and compelling narratives on these concepts.

Beyond the traditional "coming out" stories, our My Voice panelists are trained to speak to their life experiences through the lens of their own multiple intersecting identities. Request one for your class, student org, Res Hall, or wherever you think we might make an impact!

If you're interested in requesting a MyVoice panel, fill out our Education and Training request form. For more information, email us at spectrumcenter@umich.edu.


Being a Panelist

My Voice Panelists are students who feel comfortable sharing information about themselves, their journeys, and how they interact with the world from a LGBTQ+ lens. Typically questions will be prepared in advance so well thought out answers can be provided in addition to the questions that arise organically. Panelists will also be trained beforehand on how to answer tough questions and handle uncomfortable, inappropriate, or harmful language used by the audience.

If you are interested in participating in a MyVoice Panel you can email Alyssa at adellors@umich.edu