Spectrum Center

U-M ranked top LGBTQ college in Michigan

In the 2017 Campus Pride Index and BESTCOLLEGES.COM ranking, the University of Michigan has been given the honorable distinction as the top LGBTQ college in the state. 

The study identifies affordable and favorable college environments where LGBTQ students will have access to resources that are more supportive of their multiple identities and diverse experiences. The key factors in the ranking consider the level of clarity in LGBTQ specific campus safety, housing, and anti-discrimination policies, as well as counseling and mental health resources dedicated to LGBTQ students.

In this ranking, the Spectrum Center stands alongside other reputable programs and initiatives that have put forth genuine efforts to advance awareness and create safe spaces across campus. Acknowledging the work that is ahead, the Spectrum Center is excited to dedicate this seal to the generations of student leaders who have paved the pathway in its nearly 50 years of history.  Furthermore, the Spectrum Center would like to recognize that in this privileged space, in which we can serve the LGBTQA+ community at U-M, none of this work would be possible without the ongoing support of our philanthropic and collaborative community.  

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