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Updating/setting preferred name in Wolverine Access

  • If you are a student go to ‘Student Business”, and if you are faculty/staff, go to “Employee Self Service”. You then should select “Campus Personal Information”. The option to change your preferred name will be under “Names”.
  • A preferred name of record is an official name you want to use to identify yourself within the University. The preferred name of record will be used according to the Preferred Name policy within the University except where the use of the legal name is required by University business or legal need. The University reserves the right to remove a preferred name if it is used inappropriately.
  • View the Preferred Name policy here: http://documentation.its.umich.edu/node/248
  • Note: Your legal name will continue to be displayed on your MCommunity Directory profile in the list of “Also Known As” names, even if you have set a preferred name. Contact the ITS Service Center (http://www.its.umich.edu/help/) to request that it be hidden.

Updating legal name/gender with the University

  • Students can contact the Registrar's Office (ro.registration.questions@umich.edu or 647-3507) to update your legal name and/or gender on record.
  • Employees can file a legal name or gender change by completing the Address/Personal Data Form available on the HRRIS Forms Online page or by contacting the HR/Payroll Service Center (615-2000 or toll-free at 1-866-647-7657).
  • Please note that updating your legal name/gender with the University will require documentation. Contact the appropriate office to learn what documentation is needed.

Updating pronouns with the University

  • If you are a student go to ‘Student Business”, and if you are faculty/staff, go to “Employee Self Service”. You then should select “Campus Personal Information”. The option to change your pronouns will be under “Gender Identity”. You have the options of “he” “she” “they” and write your own.

Updating uniqname with the University

  • To update your uniqname, you will need to fill out and submit the Uniqname Change Application to request a uniqname change. The ITS Service Center will work with you to schedule a time for making the change that will cause you the least disruption. You will need to be logged out of your U-M Google account when the uniqname change is made.

Updating legal name in Washtenaw County

  • Once you have lived in Washtenaw County for one year, you can go through the Washtenaw County Court’s legal name-change process. The Michigan Legal Help Program offers this guide to completing a name change process in Washtenaw County. Be prepared: this process does involve fees and can be lengthy.

Updating official documentation

  • There are different processes for changing official documentation, depending on what type of documentation you are changing, what state you are in, and more. This resource from the National Center for Transgender Equality offers guidance for the process. LINK: https://transequality.org/documents

Legal Resources

  • If you are a currently enrolled student on the Ann Arbor campus and you are unsure of how to approach the process or need assistance navigating the court system, contact Student Legal Services (734.763.9920). You are eligible to receive attorney services for no additional fee. You can also visit their website: https://studentlegalservices.umich.edu/
  • The Name Change Project provides free legal name change services to low-income transgender and non-binary people through partnerships with some of the nation’s most prestigious law firms and corporate law departments. Find more information here: http://tldef.org/work_show.php?id=7
  • Jim Toy Community Center’s LGBTQ Know Your Rights Project is a collaborative work of the Jim Toy Community Center, Outlaws of the University of Michigan Law School, Legal Services of S. Central Michigan, and local volunteer attorneys. Find more information here: https://www.jimtoycenter.org/know-your-rights

General Resources

  • The Washtenaw ID is a county-wide photo identification card created with the purpose of addressing a pressing human rights issue in our community – the lack of secure and reliable identification of approximately 42,000 residents of Washtenaw County. Learn more and get eligibility information: http://www.washtenawid.com/
  • Pride Source: What’s in a Name (and Gender Marker)?