Spectrum Center

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If you are interested in volunteering for The Spectrum Center, please fill out our Winter 2013 Volunteer Sign-up!

If you are interested in working with others to increase their awareness, knowledge, skills and action as allies through tools like workshops, trainings, video and social media, then take a look at our Educational Outreach Teams!

  • Video Team
    • Volunteers interested in the video team will have the opportunity to write, direct, act, edit and recruit for new videos produced by the Spectrum Center.

If you are interested in developing collaborative relationships with various communities across campus and throughout Southeast Michigan, then check out the Community Engagement Team!

  • Publicity & Outreach
    • The Publicity & Outreach Team’s job is to make the Spectrum Center as visible as possible in our community, to make sure that our services, events, etc. are utilized and attended by a broad scope of people, and to raise awareness and knowledge on campus and the greater community. ​

To sign up for any of the above teams, or to confirm that you will be returning as a volunteer this semester, please fill out this form: http://bit.ly/126nUed