Spectrum Center

As the new academic year begins, Spectrum Center staff is excited to welcome new students, staff, and faculty members to campus. We are also excited to engage more intentionally with returning individuals and groups within the LGBTQ communities. As we connect more intentionally with LGBTQ communities on and off campus, we are excited to share a few of our programs and offerings below:

New Programs
Spectrum Empowerment Leadership Retreat (SELR)

Spectrum Empowerment Leadership Retreat (SELR) is an annual leadership retreat customized for LGBTQ students at University of Michigan (UM). This one-day retreat provides leadership competencies, derived from MLEAD’s core competencies, for students to thrive and build resilience on University of Michigan's campus and beyond.

Mentoring and Personal/Professional Support (MaPPS)
The MaPPS (Mentorship and Professional/Personal Support) program aims to engage LGBTQ staff and faculty in both formal and informal mentorship roles. LGBTQ+ students may come in with personal concerns or goals in addition to engaging in professional and academic discussions with their mentor.

Second-Year Navigation Cohort (SYNC)
The Second Year Navigation Cohort (SYNC) is a social and community group for LGBTQ and similarly identified second-year students. SYNC provides an opportunity for personal growth and professional development. SYNC participants will develop skills to prepare them to become leaders in student organizations, learn how to advocate for LGBTQ students and issues in their academic department, and discover ways to succeed academically and socially at Michigan.

Programs for First-Year Students

FreshSpectives Cohort
FreshSpectives is a social group for LGBTQ and similarly-identified first-year and transfer students. The purpose of this group is dependent upon the needs and preferences of the cohort, and this may vary from year to year.

Guidance Perspective Support Peer Mentoring (GPS)
Guidance - Perspective - Support (GPS) is a peer mentoring program for LGBTQ and similarly-identified students to utilize as they are navigating their understanding of their identities. The GPS program provides students with Guidance toward helpful information and resources, Perspective of a fellow student who has experience with coming out, and Support around their identity development.

LGBTQ Student Organizations
There are several LGBTQ specific student organizations at University of Michigan. Some organizations are identity-based and others are affiliated with schools and colleges within the University.

LGBTQ Events at University of Michigan

Check out the many LGBTQ events that are taking place on campus by clicking on the blue icon below. Our events are also posted on our social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram). Check out our keynote speakers who will join us for National Coming Out Week, Transgender Awareness Week, and LGBTQ Health & Wellness Week, this academic year.

LGBTQ Events

*Events are updated regularly and may not be published yet. Please come back regularly to see updated events.

Programs for Graduate Students

Below are a few programs that are offered specifically for University of Michigan LGBTQ Graduate students regardless of college/school affiliation. For any questions, please contact spectrumcenter@umich.edu.