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The Spectrum Center will continue to be available virtually between 9a-5p (EDT), Monday through Friday. In addition, the Center will be open for in person drop-ins on Mondays & Thursdays between the hours of 2-6p.

Spectrum Center Stands in Solidarity with Our Black and Asian Communities

June 3, 2020

While different forms of oppression continue to be pervasive in everyday society, the staff at Spectrum Center recognizes the impact that anti-Black racism and anti-Asian racism/xenophobia has had on our students, staff, faculty, and alumnx communities near and far. We would like to restate the center’s commitment to intersectional advocacy, support, and allyhood work especially with Queer, Trans, Black, and Indigenous People of Color. 

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Event Navigation / Wayfinding Documents

These documents can help you navigate events, including finding parking, getting allergen and trigger warnings, and more! Events are listed in reverse chronological order. All scheduled events will be listed as in progress until their wayfinding document is complete. Click on the name of a highlighted / linked event to get to its document. Questions about these wayfinding documents can be sent to plorant@umich.edu.

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Spectrum Center manages two listservs for Queer Transgender Indigenous People of Color (QTIPOC) and Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender Queer (LGBTQ) staff communities at the University of Michigan. Sign up to receive information pertaining to the events happening throughout the year. For more information on the groups visit Faculty & Staff. We look forward to connecting you to available resources on campus. 


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