Spectrum Center

With the Spectrum Center operating virtually, we wanted to provide consistent updates regarding our programming and offerings within the Center. Spectrum is currently offering online allyhood development workshops during the summer. These workshops can range between one to two hours and are requestable by staff, faculty and students. While operating virtually, we will not be providing our extended six hour Allyhood Development Training (ADT).  You can request a workshop through our Google form


Interested in expanding your knowledge of LGBTQ+ identities and topics? Want to find ways to improve your allyhood? Our Education & Training team works with students, faculty, and community members who may or may not identify in LGBTQ+ community, to discuss best practices when creating and maintaining spaces open to LGBTQ+ identified individuals. Topics we offer include Basics of Gender & Attractionality and Allyhood Development Trainings, and we are happy to work with you to design a workshop, training or panel that best meets the needs of your classroom or organization!


In addition to trainings and workshops, the Spectrum Center also provides consultations to staff and faculty units/departments regarding LBGTQ+ competency and organizational allyhood. We work within a collaborative framework informed by best practices that centers student needs, capitalizes on the strengths of your unit/department and seeks to empower staff and faculty to advance the diversity, equity and inclusion efforts within your unit/department. Our offerings include short term and long term consultations, organizational needs assessment, goal-setting and training recommendations.

To learn more or set-up a consultation, contact us at spectrumcenter@umich.edu