Spectrum Center

April 2014 Newsletter Articles

Welcome Letter

Ariana Bostian-Kentes, the Spectrum Center's Education & Training Program Manager, shares recent Spectrum events.

Alumni of The Month: Jen Hsu

Jen Hsu, the Coordinator of LBGT Student Services for Western Michigan University, shares her story and give advice to current students. 

Student Voice: Corey Walsh

Corey Walsh is a LSA junior who is majoring in Neuroscience, Program in the Environment, and getting a certificate of Sustainability Leadership. He is involved in many organizations focusing on sustainability on campus and has just been elected the Vice-President of LSA Student Government.


AlumniConnect: Alex Champagne

Alex Champagne shares her experiences working at the Safe Sex Store in Ann Arbor and speaks about her new book, Knotty Time: A BDSM Safety Guide.

Spring Pride Events

Chloe Gurin-Sands, the Spectrum Center's Community Engagement Coordinator, recaps this year's Spring Pride events. 

Ally Development Training

Fall 2015 Ally Development Trainings:

Through our LGBTQ Ally Development Training, participants will grow in their personal awareness, knowledge, skills, and ability to act as social justice allies.

These trainings are open to anyone: beginner to advanced, people of all sexual orientations and genders, and regardless of affiliation with the University of Michigan. 

Reserve your spot for the next workshop now!