Spectrum Center

December 2013 Newsletter Articles

Welcome Letter

Mical, the Spectrum Center's Leadership Development Coordinator,  wishes all of you a happy and healthy holiday season and New Year.

Mical DeGraaff

50th Anniversary of the Civil Rights Movement: A Reflection by Patricia Gurin

Patricia Gurin, Co-Founder of the Program on Intergroup Relations, writes about her story regarding the Civil Rights Movement in a reflection she wrote over this past summer. This feature is a part of a series of alumni, faculty, and staff who will be writing about the Civil Rights Movement to celebrate and honor the 50th Anniversary of the Movement. 

Patricia Gurin

World AIDS Day


World AIDS Day is December 1. Commemorate World AIDS Day by knowing your status. Talk about it and support one another. Do something: end stigma, fight prejudice. The Spectrum Center has a partnership with HARC to offer free, rapid, anonymous testing in our office every Monday from 6-8pm. Learn more about other testing options on campus and in the community.