Spectrum Center

Information on test sites for HIV & other STI Testing in Washtenaw County
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GPS (Guidance - Perspective - Support) is a tool for LGBTQ and similarly-identified students to use as they are navigating their understanding of their identities.   
CenterSpace provides a weekly drop-in space for different communities within queer life at the University of Michigan.
the image is of the word "FreshSpectives" in black surrounded by rainbow-colored dots that start at the edges of the text and radiate out, so there is a white circle in the middle.
New to campus? Looking to find and build community with other LGBTQIA and similarly-identified students? Want to know more about the Spectrum Center and how we can make your college experience even better? Check out FreshSpectives!
The Spectrum Center Advocacy Board serves as a space for students to address campus policies related to sexual orientation, gender identity, and gender expression.
Spectrum Center Programming Board is a volunteer leadership opportunity, with graduate and undergraduate students selected through application and interview.
My Voice is a program that offers requestable panels of trained LGBTQA+ speakers and gives panelists an opportunity to share their personal stories with an audience.