Spectrum Center

A Night of Bingo with Heads over Heels' Drag Queens

Spectrum Center and the Heads over Heels drag troupe hosted an event called Virtual Drag Bingo on Friday, August 28th. Heads over Heels is “an inclusive queer drag and variety show” (IG: @thehohshow) based in Michigan that has been putting on many LGBT fundraisers over the years and Pride Outside events. Members of the troupe -- Zooey Gaychanel (she/her) and Amanduh Décolletage (she/her) -- along with Lorant Peeler (they/them), Program Specialist for Events & Partnerships at the Spectrum Center, hosted the event on zoom. 

Virtual Drag Bingo flyer made by Lorant Peeler (they/them). You of        course can no longer register for this event, but there are more        LGBTQ+ welcome events on the link!

A Conversation with Dr. Ronni Sanlo

My name is Smitty (they/them/theirs), and I am the Writer/Photographer Student Lead for the IGR, MESA, and Spectrum Center units here at the University of Michigan. On April 30th, Spectrum Center held their annual Lavender Graduation (LavGrad) online. LavGrad is a ceremony that was created by Ronni Sanlo (she/her/hers) in 1995 at the University that celebrates LGBTQ+ graduate students and their achievements. Over the past 25 years, LavGrad has expanded to other institutions -- more than 500 colleges, universities, and even high schools -- across the country.

Ronni Sanlo

Interview with Alyson Grigsby on leadership and their experiences at MBLGTACC 2020

Alyson Grigsby (they/them) is a fourth-year LSA student at the University of Michigan. They are a Political Science major and Japanese Language & Culture minor. Though they are graduating this year, they will be returning to the university next year to pursue a master’s degree in the Transcultural Studies Program. I chatted with them virtually about their time and leadership at the university - including being the co-chair of the Coalition for Queer and Trans People of Color - as well as their recent participation to MBLGTACC 2020, the Midwest Bisexual Lesbian Gay Transgender Asexual College Conference.

Group photo of Spectrum Center's delegation of students who attended MBLGTACC 2020

Trans Awareness Week: Navigating Imposter Syndrome in Higher Education (with LaVelle Ridley)

LaVelle Ridley (she/her/hers), a Ph.D. candidate for English and Women’s Studies, has known she wanted to pursue graduate school since her sophomore year of her undergraduate program. She has worked tirelessly since then to bring her to the University of Michigan, where she is pursuing her dream of becoming a Women’s Studies professor and completing her dissertation on black literary, feminist, and queer studies

LaVelle Ridley