Spectrum Center

Welcome to the Spectrum Center!

Whether you're looking for information about upcoming events, attending an educational program, or wanting to get involved with the Spectrum Center this fall, this is a great place to start! 

To learn more about any of our programs and to talk to a Spectrum Center staff member, email us or stop by our office in room 3200 of the Michigan Union!

Our upcoming events include:

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Student Advocacy Board

We are currently rectuiting members of the 2015-2016 Spectrum Center Advocacy Board. This application will be open until Friday, September 18th and all applicants will be followed up with for interviews. 

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GPS Peer Mentorship

GPS (Guidance - Perspective - Support) is a tool for LGBTQ and similarly-identified students to use as they are navigating their understanding of their identities. 

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New to campus? Looking to find and build community with other LGBTQIA and similarly-identified students? Want to know more about the Spectrum Center and how we can make your college experience even better? Check out FreshSpectives! 

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