Spectrum Center



While the Michigan Union is being renovated,
Find us at:

Trotter on Washtenaw - 1443 Washtenaw Ave

Starting May 4, 2018

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CenterSpace Drop-Ins

CenterSpace provides a weekly drop-in space for different communities within queer life at the University of Michigan. CenterSpace creates space for people of similar identities to gain support from one another while building a community of collective resources. There will be a CenterSpace host each evening who identifies within the community being centered. The host will greet participants, guide the conversation, answer any questions, and gather/share resources. CenterSpaces are offered on North and Central Campus.

Students in the Spectrum Center

Join the LGBTQ Alumni Group

We are very pleased to announce the formation of a new University of Michigan LGBTQ Alumni Group as part of the University of Michigan Alumni Association.  Many of you may remember that a former group did exist, but it became inactive. A group has come together to form a new organizing committee and begin the process of reestablishing this group. The primary purposes of the group include:

Upcoming Events