Spectrum Center

Welcome to the Spectrum Center!

Whether you're looking for information about upcoming events, attending an educational program, or wanting to get involved with the Spectrum Center, our website is a great place to start! 

To learn more about any of our programs and to talk to a Spectrum Center staff member, email us or stop by our office in room 3200 of the Michigan Union! 

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Volunteer Application

Each year more than 100 students choose to spend some time volunteering with the Spectrum Center in a variety of ways. 

Volunteers can: 

  • Be a GPS mentor 
  • Participate in My Voice
  • Get involved in Riot Youth through the Neutral Zone 
  • Be a part of the Programming Board 
  • Be on the Advocacy Board 
  • Support Unified Testing in the Center 

Volunteers are a huge part of our team, and we'd love to have you work with us!

Upcoming Events