Health and wellness

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Wellness encompasses many components of life satisfaction. 

At Spectrum Center, we focus on three in particular: mental/emotional wellness, physical wellness, and sexual wellness. 

Our wellness services support:

We understand how vital gender affirmation is for mental health outcomes.
  • We have a small station of cosmetic items, facial masculinization and feminization with makeup guides, and new undergarments to support your gender identity and expression. Most of the makeup has been donated by community members. Any used cosmetics have been properly sanitized and cleaned for students to pick up. Makeup that cannot be sanitized is only accepted as a new product.
  • We offer a gender affirming clothing closet program once a semester. Students are able to come and browse a selection of donated clothing items that will enable them in alignment with their gender! There is no cost for students, all clothing is free to take.
  • We also have a program for connecting students to chest binders through donations!

We want students to thrive at the university. A massive barrier to thriving includes struggling to meet basic needs. Spectrum offers basic hygiene products like soap, deodorant, tooth brushes, menstrual products etc. to help meet those needs. We also work with the Maize & Blue Cupboard to offer emergency food bags to students in need of food assistance.

We believe that sexual health and wellness is incredibly important. 

  • The center offers free safer sex items like condoms, dental dams, and lube.
  • We strive to host events about healthy relationships, consent, and safer sex.
  • We provide access to free HIV/STI testing with our partners at Unified. 

Learn more about sexual health, wellness, and testing

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Get involved and support this work

If you are interested in helping support wellness for students, please consider donating!  Donations can be dropped off at Spectrum Center in Suite 3020 of the Michigan Union 530 South State Street, Ann Arbor.

Please donate

  • Any new hygiene items
  • Cosmetics that can be sanitized
  • New undergarments in package
  • Accessories that can be sanitized
  • Clean, gently used clothing items 
  • Clean, gently used chest binders

Please do not donate

  • Clothing with stains, rips, holes, profanity, slurs
  • Previously worn/used undergarments
  • Cosmetics with wand applicators, felt tips, anything that cannot be easily sanitized
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Have any questions?

Contact us at [email protected].