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Spectrum Center provides consultation services to teams, departments, and units who are dedicated to enhancing LGBTQIA2S+ equity and inclusion.

There are two types of consultation requests: 

  • training consultation
  • capacity building consultation

Training consultation

If you're looking for a consultation on the type of workshop or training that is right for your team, department, or unit, please complete the training consultation form linked below. 

Request training consult  

Capacity building consultation

For those focused on building their capacity and developing inclusive and equitable processes, practices, and policies for LGBTQIA2S+ communities, the capacity building consultation may be the right fit for you, your team, or your project. These consultations are most often led by our director and associate director. Frequently requested consultation topics include:

  • Demographic collection on gender, sex, and sexuality
  • Creating gender inclusive learning spaces
  • Assistance with gender-inclusive policy development
  • Support for gender inclusive facilities (e.g. restrooms, locker rooms) 

Request capacity building consult



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