Spectrum Center

the image is of the word "FreshSpectives" in black surrounded by rainbow-colored dots that start at the edges of the text and radiate out, so there is a white circle in the middle.

FreshSpectives is not active during the Spring/Summer term. If you are an incoming first-yaer or transfer student interested in joining FreshSpectives for the Fall Semester, you are welcome to sign up at any point. 

New to campus? Looking to find and build community with other LGBTQIA and similarly-identified students? Want to know more about the Spectrum Center and how we can make your college experience even better? Check out FreshSpectives!

FreshSpectives is a social group for LGBTQIA and similarly-identified first-year and transfer students. The purpose of this group is...well, whatever the group decides! Goals could include: building community on campus, exploring identities, connecting with resources on campus, or just having fun. Because it's a group supported by the Spectrum Center, we will provide assistance (as much or as little as needed) in planning group outings, game nights, and working with the group to think up lots of ways to build your community on campus and get to know Ann Arbor.

Interested in joining? Please fill out this form!

Questions? Email us at spectrumcenter@umich.edu or stop by the Center in room 3200 of the Michigan Union!