Spectrum Center

Kaden Hyvonen, Spectrum Center Office Manager

Kaden Hyvonen joins our team as the Spectrum Center’s temporary Office Manager and fifth full-time staff member. Hyvonen’s duties include providing administrative support and handling day-to-day operations of the office such as answering any phone calls that the center may receive, along with directing inquiries from any walk-in questions.

Spectrum Center Director Will Sherry expressed his excitement over the new addition to the staff.

Our new temporary Office Manager is incredibly important to the success of the Center as it provides continuity for anyone visiting or calling the Center. Ultimately, this position is an investment in our infrastructure and sustainability of the Center and our work.

Hyvonen is a recent graduate from Eastern Michigan University, where they studied Psychology with a minor in Human Sexuality. Hyvonen stated that:

As I have studied gender and sexuality quite heavily in undergrad I believe that helps put me in a good place to be working in the Center.

Despite their knowledge and training Hyvonen acknowledges that there is still more to learn.

I passed up some great mentorship and volunteer opportunities while in undergrad and thoroughly regret that decision, so I am glad I am able to make some of that up with the opportunity to work at the Center.

Hyvonen hopes that through their work they will gain a better understanding of the Spectrum Center and what it provides for students and the larger community. They stated that:

I want to take part in helping the LGBT/Queer Community and be a resource for others.

Sherry stressed that the Office Manager position was created to maintain a supportive space for our students, staff, and faculty to be themselves and find community.

This new position is incredibly significant for our Center as we continue to develop and expand out work throughout the campus and wider community.