Tristan Morton

Tristan Morton headshot
Pronouns ze/zir
Associate Director

Tristan “TK” Morton is the associate director of Spectrum Center. Ze is a Black, trans, queer educator; advocate; and joy creator. Ze centers queer and trans BIPOC joy, laughter, and advocacy, making sure that all spaces are accessible and centering the love and care of the community. Tristan brings experience in student affairs; social justice; and supporting LGBTQIA2+ and marginalized staff, faculty, students, and alumni. Ze previously served as director of the LGBTQIA Resource Center at the University of California-Davis and, before that, worked with students at Macalester College, Edgewood College, and the University of Kansas. Tristan has a bachelor’s degree in women’s and gender studies from Eastern Michigan University and a master’s in higher education administration from Stony Brook University. When ze isn’t working ze is trying new foods, going on an adventure, reading the dozens of books that are still waiting to be read on zirs bookshelves, listening to their favorite music, and discovering new amazing possibilities.

Educational background
  • MA in higher education administration, Stony Brook University
  • BA in women's and gender studies, Eastern Michigan University